Meet Our Team

Brisbane Staff

Donna Mayne

Donna is the Managing Director of GSA Cargo Services and heads up our company’s sales team. Donna has more than 30 years experience in the airline industry, with more than 25 years in airfreight sales and marketing. She has held high-profile cargo sales positions with both Qantas and Ansett Australia Airlines, and with the freight forwarding company OBM (now 20 Cube). Donna has a thorough knowledge of the Australian marketplace with particular emphasis on Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Through her years of experience in the industry she has built up a solid rapport with agents across Australia. Through Donna’s reputation, drive, and tenacity, GSA Cargo Services is now achieving record sales figures across Australia.

Allan Mayne

Allan is a Director of GSA Cargo Services and brings an extensive array of marketing, communication, and management skills to our organization. Prior to joining the company, Allan managed several high-profile national marketing campaigns. His extensive knowledge of sales and promotional activities provides the company with a wide range of flexibility in these areas and supports his roles as the Director of Business Development.

Julia Clark

Julia manages our cargo reservations and bookings team in Brisbane and has more than 20 years experience in the airfreight industry. Julia joined GSA Cargo Services after more than 7 years with WDM – one of Brisbane’s most progressive freight forwarders. Julia is well-respected by her peers for her knowledge and expertise in the freight industry. Julia is IATA DG acceptance certified.

Julie Menelaws

Julie is a member of Brisbane’s reservations team and undertakes telephone sales and marketing activities, cargo bookings, data capture, and ULD control. Julie has drive and ambition and is quickly becoming a key member of our telemarketing team. She maintains close contact with key airlines to ensure the smooth running of the operations side of the business. Julie has been in the airline industry for more than 5 years and is well skilled in freight sales and cargo movements. Julie is IATA DG acceptance certified.

Jocelyn Georgiou

Jocelyn has more than 15 years experience in the airfreight industry. She has worked for several large freight forwarding companies prior to joining us. Jocelyn is extremely popular with our clients and works diligently to continually improve our sales and marketing figures with agents across Australia. Her expertise in these areas has resulted in a sustained growth in our overall operations.

Sydney Staff

Ray Harrison

Ray heads up our Sydney operation. He held high-profile cargo operations and sales positions with Qantas for nearly 20 years. He was then Managing Director of Repworld (Aust), a general cargo sales organization, for 18 years. His relationships within the industry, both external and internal, bring a solid foundation to our Sydney team. Ray is well respected by all our carriers and clients for his sound knowledge of the industry and the Australian marketplace. His years of experience are an asset to our entire operation.

Jacqui de Carvalho

Jacqui looks after Sydney’s cargo sales and marketing, while also heading up our customer service and reservations team in Sydney. She worked at Repworld (Aust) prior to joining GSA Cargo Services. With more than 10 years experience in the industry, Jacqui maintains smooth running of operations of the various airlines handled by our Sydney office. Jacqui’s communication skills, knowledge, and friendly personality have earned her a strong reputation both with the airlines and agents.

Jason Rees

Jason is a member of Sydney’s customer service and reservations team. He has been part of our team and the industry for a few years, and his thorough understanding of aircraft types and airline systems has made him an asset to the Sydney office. Jason maintains a solid working relationship with our key airlines and is popular with our local freight forwarders.

Melbourne Staff

Kelly Skehan

Kelly is the manager of our Melbourne sales and operational team and has more than 15 years experience in the airfreight industry. She has previously held both management and cargo sales roles with various international airlines. Kelly has a sound knowledge of the local export market and as a result, is well-respected by the freight forwarders throughout the southern states of Australia. Through her management style, Kelly continues to grow our Melbourne operation and has rapidly become a vital cog in our company’s Australia-wide business operation.

Jaimee Creasey

Jaimee works in our Melbourne office and has more than 15 years experience in various sales and marketing positions with various international carriers. Jaimee has also managed a GSA operation in Victoria and also worked in the freight forwarding sector. Jaimee’s in-depth knowledge of the airfreight industry makes her a valued member of our Melbourne sales team, and she plays a key role in the ongoing success of our Victorian operation.

Elisabeth Targa

Elisabeth is a member of our Melbourne team. She has held various roles with both Ground Handling Agents and within the Australian Customs Service, and these years in the industry have given her great exposure to the local market and forwarders alike. Elisabeth’s experience working with various GSAs throughout Australia has given her a solid understanding of the local market in Melbourne.

Aaron Tabone

Aaron is the most recent addition to our Melbourne team and has quickly become an integral part of our team. He comes with extensive knowledge and experience from working at one of Melbourne’s top perishable agents. His reliable, friendly and approachable manner has made him popular with the local Melbourne market.

Auckland Staff

Carolyn Evans

Carolyn heads up our New Zealand operation and excels at filling flights and exceeding budget expectations year after year. She is driven by success and is a valuable asset to our overall business operation. Carolyn is a former Canadian Airlines employee with an excellent knowledge of the operational issues of an airline. This robust operational background has been an invaluable tool in assisting her in the transition to cargo sales and marketing activities. Through Carolyn’s strong understanding of the industry she has gained the respect of the local freight forwarding community. Her operational expertise is complemented by her knowledge of the New Zealand export market, making her a highly valued sales manager within our operation. Carolyn is IATA DG acceptance certified and DOTAR’s security certified.

Keith Raisbeck

Keith is a key member of our New Zealand operational team and has more than 20 years experience in the airline industry. Keith has a strong operational background and a sound knowledge of aircraft operational capacities, loading systems, and specialist cargo requirements. Keith’s wide-ranging knowledge of operational requirements coupled with his computer skills and sales capabilities makes him a strong asset to our New Zealand team. Keith is IATA DG acceptance certified and DOTAR’s security certified.

Jordan Harrington

Jordan joined the Auckland team in 2015 and has impressed with her ability to quickly learn airline systems and procedures, having previously been employed in a customer service role with a leading financial institution. Jordan has become an integral part of our team and her bubbly personality shines through with our customers. Jordan is IATA DG acceptance and security qualified.

Chris Bilk

Chris manages and oversees Auckland’s bookings and reservation systems. He has over 30 years experience in both operations and sales for various international airlines. His knowledge and skills are well-known in the market and he has an excellent reputation with the freight forwarding community in New Zealand. His operational skills combined with his sales ability make him an invaluable asset to our team.